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Our Loan Products

Commercial (Trading) loans

This loan is available for all forms of businesses (sole proprietorship, partnership, companies, etc.)

Salary Workers Loan

For all employees (eg. Public and civil servants/ all government workers, mining companies and all other private organizations,

Salary Advance

This facility is available to workers who may need money urgently to solve a problem at the time their salaries are not in

Transport Loans

This loan is for individual car owners, workers who want to own their own cars, organizations that want to buy bulk cars for their staff especially senior staff, transport unions, societies, churches, mosque, drivers, etc.

Church Development Loan

The loan is specially developed to facilitate the development of churches, mosques, synagogues in relation to building, musical instruments, civic and commercial ventures, etc.

Project loans

This facility is available to companies or individuals who want to undertake any projects (eg. Building, research, small scale mining, etc

Contract loans

The loan is available to all those that received contract (being it suppliers, building, etc) but does not have fund to carry it out.

Fiaseman Onetouch Loan

This instant loan facility is specially designed for public sector employees who are paid through the controller and Accountant General office.

One touch Plus loan

This instant loan facility is specially designed for only private employees who do not receive their salaries through our bank and have got their employers signing in to it.

Agricultural loans

Available to crop, fish and pastoral farmers (eg. Vegetable, cocoa, rubber, poultry, sheep’s, snail, etc.)

Commercial Overdraft

This facility is available to businesses, churches, schools to overdrawn their accounts to meet urgent cashflow needs (payment of salaries, suppliers) pending receipts from debtors, donors or contributors.

Microfinance Loan

These loans are designed for our Asetenapa susu clients and Nnoboa (Group, Associations, Union) clients.


Special Purpose Loan, Funeral Loan, Housing Loan and Productive Person’s Loan