Fiaseman Rural Bank fixes Bogoso District Police pickup

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The Bogoso District Police Commander, DSP William Ennuson has expressed his utmost gratitude to Fiaseman Rural Bank for fixing the police pickup vehicle.

According to reports from Frimpong Manso of Trinity FM, the pickup is the only vehicle used by the Bogoso District Police Command to ensure security in the community but unfortunately, the vehicle was broken for months prior to the intervention of Fiaseman Rural Bank.

The then faulty nature of the vehicle affected the daily activities of the police
since it is their only means of patrolling the town.

Speaking to newsmen, DSP Ennuson thanked the bank for its commitment to police operations.

He said “the car is not brand new as such, it’s one of our old cars. We made an appeal for people to help us make the car road worthy and Fiaseman came to our rescue.

DSP Ennuson, revealed that without an active vehicle, policing becomes a problem since it will be difficult for the police to visit places such as crime prone zones.

He continued “they have given us a new engine including other stuff”.

The CEO of Fiaseman in an interview with Frimpong Manso, monitored by, said extending a helping hand to the police is part of their corporate social responsibility.

“About four months ago, the police wrote to us that their car was damaged, it lacked windscreen, good engine, battery, tires and many other things”.

Our Board of Directors decided to fix the car because we are a bank and have a responsibility to the community and as such, we deemed it fit to fix the car irrespective of the cost involved.

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