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As a responsible corporate body, the Bank is committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the communities it operates. The Bank is guided by the following policies in the area of Social Responsibility:-

  • To promote activities that bring simultaneous economic and social benefits in the communities we operate;
  • To work in partnership with community bodies and other stakeholders to alleviate poverty;
  • Employment policy that ensures compliance with all legislation designed to ensure equal treatment and elimination of discrimination;
  • To develop the human resource base in our area of operation through training (industrial attachment), scholarships and support for the building of schools.

Socially Responsible Actions undertaken by the Bank from 2014 – 2021 include the following:-

No. Project Amount in GHS
1. Education 385,800
2. Health 71,473
3. Water 42,401
4. Security 36,833
5. Traditional Councils 18,632
6 Farmers Day 24,904
7. Other donations 39,432
  Total 619,475