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Fiaseman Rural Bank Plc has consistently featured in the Strong Category of the Efficiency Monitoring Unit (EMU) ranking of Rural Banks in the country by the ARB Apex Bank Plc.

The Bank entered the prestigious Club 100 ranking organized by Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) in the year 2005 and has steadily improved its placement over the years. In the last edition of the Club 100 Awards held in 2019, Fiaseman Rural Bank Plc placed 31st among the 100 best Companies in Ghana.

Fiaseman Rural Bank Plc was adjudged the overall best Rural Bank in Ghana by the Association of Rural Banks in their Rural & Community Banks (RCBs) Excellence Awards in 2017. In the same awards, the Bank has been adjudged the 2nd runner-up in the loan financing category.

In 2021 Fiaseman Rural Bank Plc made a profit before tax of GHS12,000,000, the highest in the history of the Rural Banking Industry in Ghana

In August 2022 a Gold Award was conferred on Fiaseman Rural Bank Plc by the Ghana Premier Business & Finance Excellence Awards in recognition of our outstanding contribution to the Economic Development of Ghana in the Rural Banking Category.